About AH-Mazing Vibes

A Life of Positivity

The owner of AHMazing Vibes

Hi! My name is Andrea Hancock and I am the founder of AH-Mazing Vibes, AH-Mazing Vibes Apparel, and AH-Mazing Custom Designs. AH-Mazing Vibes came into existence because we all live in a fast-paced world - that at times can be quite stressful and draining. Remaining positive can at times, be quite tough.

As a Law of Attraction Coach and Reiki Master, I have helped hundreds of people find positivity in any situation, and to help them to see the brighter side to life. The lighter side. The positive side.

As a mother and a wife, I've had my own hurdles that I had to overcome. I gained a lot of weight, became a negative person, and just wanted to be alone! It seemed like  everyone needed something from me. I realized that I had to get out of that rut so I created a Self Reflection workbook and started to work through the questions each and every day. I really enjoyed creating the workbook and I wanted to make more. I shared the workbook with a lot of my friends and family and they loved it! Their smiles really pushed me to create more products that could help people get through tough situations.


Fast forward to today, Ive lost weight, I spend a lot of time reflecting on what I want, and I create pretty cool products.

AH-Mazing Vibes strives to be your daily reminder that life is good, that life is positive, and that people are more powerful than we dare to imagine. Using positive imagery, positive messaging and positive vibes, AH-Mazing Vibes' main mission is to spread joy, strength, and happiness as far and as wide as possible.

Through wearing our designs, lighting our candles, pulling a card from our inspirational deck, or writing in our journals, we hope to build and grow a tribe of like-minded people that simply want to enjoy life, and to help others smile from the inside out, and to share this positivity - and we want you to join our tribe!

If you are looking to share sunshine, if you are looking to spread happiness, if you want to radiate positivity then AH-Mazing Vibes is for you.

Wear our apparel, reflect with our self growth products. Join our tribe, and let's spread joy - together.