7 Steps to Manifest Your Best Life

It's Already Yours. - Universe


So, you want to manifest your best life! Do you really thing that we are on this earth to struggle, be miserable, and see where life takes us? Nope! We are supposed to be happy, be free, experience awesomeness, and to desire so many things!

We are not our bodies or our mind. We are actually powerful beings, an extension of source energy, which means we are powerful at f*ck! Sure, we are in this body but our body is our vehicle. When you get in your car do you tell people that you are a Chevrolet Camaro? No you don't. We are Awareness! We are a soul! We are AH-Mazing creatures. So if we are sooo AH-Mazing, why are we struggling?

We are struggling because we are believing a story that our mind is telling us. We are not our mind which means that we can choose to believe any story our mind thinks of. If your mind says that you are a fat hippo, would you choose to believe it? Well, first of all, you're not a hippo so you should definitely ignore that comment. Why do you choose to believe the stories your mind is telling you? Just think about it... Where is your mind? Most would say in our brain but guess what? Scientists can't find it there. We are believing something that can only 1.) Measure 2.) Compare and 3.) Describes. Believing that we are our mind is an illusion.

Not sure if you've heard about the Law of Attraction but just know that it simple. We are always attracting, and manifesting, our experiences and circumstances. Simply put, we attract what we put out. If we are putting our negative thoughts, doubt, uncertainty, desperation, confusion, and sadness... guess what you are going to attract? Those types of experiences. If you are happy, content, grateful, confident, and excited... you are going to attract more experiences along the positive wavelength. I like to think of Law of Attraction as a radio frequency. If you want to listen to 97.1 FM, you know to turn the dial to that station and voila, you hear the announcers say, "you are listening to 97.1 the beat", or something like that. You're not going to turn the dial to 98.9 FM if you want to listen to 97.1 FM so why do we believe that we can get rich by thinking about the lack of money we have?


It's time to change our radio dial and it's time to manifest our best life! We have the power. We have the energy. We ARE the energy. We are so much bigger than we really think about.

Ways to Manifest Anything You Want

1. What do you want?

Before you can get what you want, you have to know what you want. If you say that you want to be rich, how rich do you want to be. Some people think that $5million is rich and some believe that $5,000 is rich. You have to tell the universe what you want. Think of the movie Aladdin, his genie said that he would grant 3 wishes. Well guess what, Aladdin isn't the only one with a genie. The universe is your genie so tell it what you want.

2. How would you feel if you had it right now?

If you had $5 million right now, how would you feel. Don't think about how your bank account is currently in the negative or that you lost your rent money. It is time to play make believe. Close your eyes, breathe in, and visualize your life if you had $5 million dollars right now. If you aren't trying to attract money right now, visualize yourself having anything you want: a new car, your dream body, your dream home, a dream vacation, anything. Now write what you want and how it makes you feel knowing that you have it - if you're able to visualize it, you're about to have it in "real life". Once you jot those feelings down, find ways to continue to feel those feelings. If the "new car" made you excited, find ways to make you feel excited even if it has nothing to do with your "new car". The important part is that you're pretty close to the "new car" radio station so stay there.

3. Get rid of limiting beliefs

Sometimes we get in our way because of other people's experiences, out past, or just low self esteem. Let go of all of that. You have already manifested those experiences so it is time to move on and experience new experiences. Back then, you were manifesting without even knowing it but now you will be manifesting experiences, and things, deliberately.

So how will you know if you have a limiting belief? Say you want to be rich but you start to think about money and you become sad or angry because you think about your current situation. Well guess what! You already manifested this moment. Right here, Right now. Which means you can change your future.

Emotions are our guide. They let us know the types of thoughts we are having. If you become overwhelmed, mad, or uneasy, you know that you're not on the same frequency as your wealth because your current frequency will only attract more poverty, sadness, and uneasiness. Change that frequency NOWWW! When you realize that your thoughts are negative, make them positive. Close your eyes and think about what you want. Your fears and doubts are only going to keep you down.

4. Be Grateful

Expressing gratitude is a very powerful exercise. Thinking about what you currently have, on a positive note, can help increase those positive vibes and can help you get closer to the radio station frequency you want to get to.

One exercise is to write down 10 things you are grateful for in the morning and at night. When you are expressing gratitude, don't make it sound negative. Make it positive.

For Example:

Don't: I am grateful for the money I have in my bank account even though I don't have enough for my bills.

Do: I am grateful that things always work out for my good.

Can you tell the difference? Just remember that if you cannot feel complete gratitude for something, go general. So instead of saying that you're grateful for only having $20, be grateful that you have enough money to buy food or that things always work out for you.

When you express gratitude, it doesn't matter how big or small it may seem to be. It could be as big as "I am grateful for my amazing home" or it can feel as small as "I am grateful for the farmers that grew the food that is on my plate".

Expressing gratitude is like telling the universe that you appreciate it for helping you out. If you complain and say "I am so broke", you are telling the universe that it's not doing a good job. Think about a time you opened a door and held it open for someone but they didn't say thank you. You probably thought that you would never open the door again for that person. Well, when you complain about life, you are pretty much not acknowledging the universe for opening your door.

5. Live as if you have it right now.

Do it now! If you want to be rich, open a business, win the lottery, or something else, act as if you have it right now. Do some research and see how much it will cost you to have your own personal driver, ask a realtor to give you a tour of your dream home, and test drive your dream car even if you don't have the money at this very moment.

The best part about living as if you have it right now is that you are telling the universe that you are ready to listen to the frequency you are trying to get listen to. You are making it easy for the universe to juggle some things around so that you can start manifesting the life you want. The universe can't do it all alone.

6. Believe it's yours.

Don't believe it's yours, KNOW IT'S YOURS. You are no different than Beyonce, Michelle Obama, or Oprah Winfrey. You can have everything they have, plus more but you have to believe it. Do you think that they sat around and waited for their big break? No, they helped the universe by preparing for what they wanted and they were confident enough to know that they can have anything they set their mind to.

You are worthy and deserving of the things you want but you can't tap into it until you believe it yourself.

7. Allow it to Manifest.

Now it is time to let it manifest. Continue to visualize yourself having it, act as if you are experiencing it, and let the universe do it's job. Have you ever surfed the internet and immediately had an impulse to do something? You didn't know why, but you knew that you had to see what happened if you went along with it. Next thing you know, you met the man/woman of your dreams, won some money, or even helped someone out of a sticky situation. You knew that you were supposed to be there.

Well, it's the same when it comes to allowing your desires to manifest. Say you are at work and had an impulse to go to the store or to sing in a talent show? That impulse didn't just show up. The universe is speaking to you so it's extremely important to listen. I totally get that sometimes the impulses are super subtle but just think about how you feel when you receive the impulse. Do you feel enlightened, curious, at ease? Go with it. If you don't take it, you might miss your opportunity to manifest your desire.

You already believed it was yours but now it is time to trust and follow the universe. It's got your back!


I hope this helps you manifest your best life! What are some things you know you manifested? I want to hear from you! Leave a comment below.

See you next week,

Andrea Hancock

Founder of AH-Mazing Vibes

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